Southern Africa is a dichotomy of untamed beauty and world class glamour. A place of colour and contrast. A land where modern meets rustic, technology meets tradition and cosmopolitan city-scapes blend effortlessly with the natural beauty of terrain and wildlife. The destinations we offer combined and individually, offer African adventure, vibrant culture and rich history. These are just a few of the reasons we are proud to call this part of the world home!

South Africa is known for its abundant wildlife as well as its fantastic birding and eco-tourism possibilities, but the real heart of this vibrant country is the diversity of people and cultures. South Africa’s family tree goes way back to the beginning of time. Many of South Africa’s cultures have their roots in an ancient world, whilst some of the cultures are relatively new – and others are a fascinating mix of both.

Crossing the borders of the countries that make up Southern Africa, you are guaranteed to come across every landscape imaginable, from deserts to waterfalls, mountains to crystal blue oceans. The various landscapes come together like different pieces of the same puzzle, each piece unique, yet fitting perfectly into the bigger picture. But the best part of these landscapes is the variety of life that inhabits them.